GoCam feat aBubbl by Crunchfish iOS App Review (Sponsored)

GoCam feat aBubbl Apple iOS App Review Featured

Sharing photos has never been easier with GoCam feat aBubbl by Crunchfish. This is the newest application designed to give convenience to capture and share photos between friends and family members. Either a simple or grand occasion, it is made to be memorable through the use of this application.

In addition, this new application is an exciting way of interacting on a local basis. In this application, it starts from the built-in camera on your iPad or iPhone detecting your gestures. Then, your hand is centered at thirty centimeters from the camera, right through your gadget.

What’s so different about GoCam feat aBubbl?

In order that GoCam notices you, there is a need to slightly wave your hand. This is crucial, particularly in dim light areas. The “touchless” option must be used for about three meters.

Check out this introduction video Sponsored by Crunchfish:

For the excellent video and photo experience, the “grab” feature must be used to taking photos and videos along your friends and family members. If you already have the latest photos and interested in deleting them, then they can be deleted through the use of the gallery thumbnail. This way, you could replace them with new photos. If you also want, you can share them at the same thumbnail at the bottom left corner. As mentioned, sharing them is as easy as you didn’t think it could be.

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The best thing about the photo and the video feature of this application is that the touch can be used easily. You just need to make use of the hand icon. Editing a few of your photos is made convenient for your part; just make use of Aviary’s filters, tools and stickers. These are all additional tools that make editing not a dull experience for you.

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In enjoying aBubbl Share at its best, it helps doing a “grab” gesture for the convenient and easy way of sharing photos. This is made possible through the use of gallery view. The photos are shared between people who are also using GoCam application. Convenient and fast sharing is also done within a few meters among GoCam users. However, it matters allowing GoCam to having access to the location. This is for you to receive the notification right through the lock screen. This way, you can easily get the photos being shared with you.

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The photos are being received or shared when GoCam is in use. For the continued process of receiving photos, make certain that aBubbl share icon is blue. This icon is usually found at the camera top bar.

GoCam feat aBubble has the touchless, photo & video and aBubbl share icons for an amazing experience among users. Being the newest application, this attracts the attention of tech-savvies that enjoy the idea of taking and sharing photos.

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There are many advantages to get from using this application such as having access to the camera where you can control the device and take photos with gestures. The photos can be shared and saved right through the gallery. With access to location and Bluetooth, GoCam users may fall into the habit of taking and sharing photos any time, and anywhere.

Thus, GoCam is the newest and most exciting application to use for iPhone 5, Ipad mini, iPad 4 and up that gives the best experience in taking and sharing photos!

Currently this app is available for Apple iOS users and because of its popularity you might see it soon on Android devices as well.




*This post has been sponsored by Crunchfish, but concerns my own opinion.