Glympse Keyboard for Android – Share Location from Any Keyboard

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Little Introduction of Glympse Location Sharing App First:

Glympse – Share your location: is an app which easily allows its users to share current or specific location with friends in real time, users can also choose whom to show the location. This is not a social app that you need to manage, also no sign-ups required. Recipient will get a link with an ETA and the location you shared in real time, plus point: if you set timer, it will only share that location for the specific time. Which means when the timer expires the location is vanished automatically, nothing much to monitor.

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Glympse app doesn’t require recipient to have the same app installed on their device, you can send them link via SMS, Facebook, Email, or Twitter and recipients can access that information or location from any data enabled device, and all this from any Compatible Android Device that you have. But the problem with this app is, you always need to open the app to share location.

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New Glympse Keyboard App with Location Sharing:

Fortunately, now they have introduced a new Glympse Keyboard app, which gives you an ease of sharing location from any other keyboard app available in Android device. Imagine how easy it will be to share your location with friends on SMS or may be Google Hangout and also some other apps like Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Skype etc.

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Download Glympse Keyboard for Android

I’m sure Glympse Keyboard will make your life much easier and simple, because you can share your location right away without even leaving your conversation. There is no need to open other app to do so. Glympse Keyboard doesn’t really want to force another keyboard on you, you can still use your favorites like Swype or SwiftKey if you want. Glympse Keyboard will only appear when you want to share location, and it is easily accessible on every Keyboard installed in your Android Device.

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How To Use Glympse Keyboard from other Keyboards like Swype or SwiftKey:

You’ll notice “Quick Send” mode on your keyboard (Once you click it, a popup will appear which will allow you to share your location and when you are done it automatically disappears). It’s also accessible from Notification Pane so just pull down from the top, tap keyboard options and select Glympse.

Glimpse Keyboard works with other keyboard apps seamlessly. There are options available for you to choose a specific friend or a group of friends for a specific amount of time, for privacy reasons.

Must Watch Introduction Video of Glympse Location Sharing App:

Note: Other Glympse users can see your route if they have the Glympse App installed on their devices, but only if you have allowed in the settings. It definitely prompts you choose whether to share that information with all friends or not, but I will recommend you to double check that setting according to your needs.

Forgot to tell you, Glympse and Glympse Keyboard apps are both free to download. Enjoy!