Make Free Phone Calls Using These 17 Best Free Calling Apps


Start Making Free Phone Calls Now with the Variety of Free Calling Apps

You want to make free phone calls to someone in United States, but you don’t have US number? This article will give you information on some free calling apps, which you can install and use on your Android, Apple iOS and other devices with Wi-Fi or 3G/4G/LTE data connections. Some of these free calling apps will allow you to make free phone calls to USA and Canada and also to some other countries as well, great way to reach your friends and family without paying heavy fees to wireless carriers.

These free calling apps really deliver what they promise “Free Phone Calls and Some with Free Texts Too” while the best part is that you can call real phone numbers and have your own US number to receive calls free over the internet.

1: Google Hangout (Free Phone Calls and Texts to USA and Canada)

Google expanded its Hangout services, now you can make free phone calls to US and Canada from Google Hangout’s application, whether you are using it on Android, iOS device or even Web.

Google Hangout Free calling app from Google screen shot 1

Some of you might know that Google Hangout is replacement of Google Voice service which Google launched on March 11, 2009, after acquiring the service GrandCentral. Google Hangout’s free phone calls service is already available for Apple iOS and Web users, Android users needs to download Standalone version of Google Hangout from Google PlayStore. If you want to make calls outside of USA and Canada you can do so by paying Low International Rates available to you via the app or web.

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If you have used Google Voice service than you should know that free phone calls made with Hangouts, will soon link to your Google Voice account. Once everyone is rolled out to the new service, Google will discontinue Google Voice application. Voicemails will also be migrated to Hangouts very soon, which you will see in form of Text message, but you have choice whether you want to read the transcript or listen to the voicemail message.

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2: MagicApp (Free Phone Calls To USA and Canada) Free Phone Calls to any MagicApp Users

MagicApp is a handy little app where you just need to create an account using your email address and upon its verification, you can immediately start making free calls to any US number.

MagicApp from Magicjack Screenshot 2

App’s interface is simple yet gorgeous; background is a faded blue with light, modern fonts and simplistic icons that are pleasing to the eyes and easy to understand as well. It works like a regular phone app – have tabs for Recent Calls, Contacts (imported automatically from your phone), account information, keypad and voicemail. Although you may find it irritating as constant notification appears as soon as app starts running and remind you that you can receive calls.

MagicApp from Magicjack Screenshot 3

One odd thing is that the number appeared on your account on which other can call you is not correct and to get your My real MagicApp number you have to call someone and ask them to tell you what number showed up on their Caller ID. Users do not have any control as these numbers are generated randomly.

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MagicApp from Magicjack Screenshot 4

One really important thing, if you want to receive calls to your MagicApp number from anyone then first you have to call them then they will be able to reach you on your MagicApp number otherwise they will be rejected by polite robotic voice telling them that they need the MagicApp user to call them first. It can be a good thing as with this you can avoid spam calls and can be in-touch with your friends and family only.

Another important thing, you will not be able to send text messages and only voice calls are allowed.  If you are interested in texting then check out the other app.

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3: Talkatone (Free Phone Calls and Texts to USA, Canada and Talkatone Users)

Talkatone have a dull interface but it is actually more functional. After the email verification you can start using the app and make free calls or send/receive text messages.

Talkatone Free Phone calls free calling app screen shot 5

During setup, Talkatone allows you to choose a Phone number of your choice but first you have to search for an area code and hope that there are available numbers for that area code. It is somehow better than MagicApp who gives you totally random numbers without any control.

Talkatone also displays notification, by tapping on its upper part will open the app while tapping the lower part will close it, so it’s actually more useful and you can disable the notification from Settings if you want.

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Talkatone Free Phone calls free calling app screen shot 6

Talkatone is much like MagicApp – automatically imported contacts, favorites, a dialer but it differentiates in the sense that it has the ability to send/receive text messages to other US number for free. It does not have the restriction to call first and then receive call from that number like MagicApp.

Talkatone Free Phone calls free calling app screen shot 7

Talkatone display ads but they appear and stay at the bottom and do not disturb much.

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4: Viber (Free App to App Calls, Text Messages and Picture Sharing)

Viber can be used to make app to app free phone calls, send and receive text messages, share images, share videos and also you can share your current location with your friends and family. The best part about this app is, that it supports more than usual platforms like, Android, Apple iOS, Windows Desktop, Windows 8 Phone and Tablets, Blackberry devices, Bada and Nokia.

Viber free app to app calling screen shot 8

Viber app can find other Viber users in your contact list, to make it easy for you to make Viber Out calls or may just to send a text or picture message.

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5: Facebook Messenger (Free Calling App – Make App to App Calls and Texts)

Facebook does not need any introduction, but for those who live under a rock Facebook is the largest Social Network Service on the web, founded on February 4, 2004, by Mark Zuckerberg. Facebook messages has been around for a little while, and after its success Facebook introduced Facebook messenger which can be installed on Android, Apple iOS and Windows Phone devices, to make free phone calls from app to app and also to send Text, Picture and Video messages.

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Facebook messenger free app to app calls screen shot 9

In order to make free phone calls from Facebook Messenger, both participants needs to be “Friends” on Facebook and should have the correct application installed as well. Users can also install Facebook Messenger app plugin on their Windows machines to make calls to other user on their mobile devices. Currently Facebook doesn’t support calls to Landline or Mobile Phone numbers, it only supports App to App calls and Text Messages.

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6: Tango (Free Calling App to Make Free Phone Calls)

Tango allows users to make phone calls via their app to app service and it’s absolutely free. To make free phone calls from Tango you just need to have their app installed on either of these devices: Android, Apple iOS, Blackberry, Kindle or Windows Phone device.

Tango App to app free phone calls screen shot 10

Tango also comes with a similar functionality of Viber app which picks your contact list users who are already using the same app and shows in the tab inside the application. Tango App is capable of making video calls as well, also you can send free text messages from app.

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7: Skype (Free Phone Calls and Instant Messages from App to App)

Skype is Voice over IP and Instant messaging service currently owned by Microsoft. Skype service started in August 2003 and had over 663 Million registered users by the end of 2014. Later, Microsoft bought this for $8.5 billion in 2011.

Skype international calls app to app screen shot 11

Skype offers Voice over IP phone calls, Instant Messaging and Video calling services to its large base of users. Skype can make calls to the traditional landlines and all the Mobile networks as well. You cannot make free phone calls from Skype, but there calling rates are much better than any other VoIP service providers in the market, they also offer Unlimited packages for US, Canada and some other countries as well. The most popular plan to make unlimited calls to US and Canada is for $2.99 per month and you can talk for about 10,000 minutes per month with this service. Two other best plans are Unlimited North America and Unlimited World, Unlimited North America plan gives you an opportunity to make unlimited landline and mobile phone calls to US & Canada and Landlines only in Mexico City (Guadalajara, Mexico City and Monterrey). Unlimited World Plan allows you to call USA, UK, China and over 60 other countries. This all comes under Fair Usage Policy which you can read here: Skype Unlimited Package Fair Usage Policy.

Skype supports multiple platforms like: Android, Apple iOS, BlackBerry, Kindle Fire HD, Windows Phone and PlayStation Vita. The best part is their Desktop application which is available for Windows, MAC and Linux. Skype allow several variation of communication like: PC to PC, PC to App, App to App and App to PC.

In order to make Skype to Skype calls both the participants needs to have Skype account already created, you can find users from Skype’s public directory by entering their email address or phone numbers or you can easily search by typing their username if you have that information. Skype not only supports VoIP calls but you can also make video calls and text message with other Skype users. Check out Skype Internatonal Rates.

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8: Yahoo Messenger (Free Phone Calls over Internet)

Yahoo users can make free internet phone calls from Mobile or Desktop application to call other Yahoo users. Yahoo Messenger can be installed on Windows and MAC operating systems, mobile applications are also available for Android and Apple iOS users. Yahoo Messenger can be used to make video calls, send instant messages and text messages.

Yahoo Messenger free internet calls screeshot 12

Important Notice: While you install Yahoo Messenger on your PC, it prompts you to change your Homepage from current to Yahoo search and it also installs Yahoo toolbar. If you don’t want to make these changes make sure you uncheck that option during the installation process.

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9: Zip Phone (Free Phone Calls Anywhere, Anytime)

The idea in the making of Zip Phone was, to make it easier and more secure and also give users an opportunity to use native Android Calling System instead of any external app interface, this is exactly what Zip Phone does.

Zip Phone free phone calls over the wi-fi screenshot 20

Anuj Jain, Zip Phone’s founder, explains that you only install and configure this app once, and you never look back. Zip Phone operates in the background and gets involved with your Android’s Native Calling function instead of forcing you to open application separately.

Zip Phone is available on both Android and Apple iOS devices, but works differently on both. Android is an open source platform for developers to play around with even the deepest part of the Operating system, which is not possible in Apple iOS, Apple doesn’t allow developers to interfere with their native application like Phone app. Check out this article from TechCrunch to learn more about Zip Phone.

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10: ooVoo (Free Phone Calls from App to App Calls)

ooVoo allows you to make free app to app calls with other ooVoo users, it offers high quality group calling and messaging as well. Some of the cool features of this app: Group video chat, Free voice calls, Instant Messaging, Find and Invite Friends, 4-Way Display (You can do Video chat with 4 users at the same time), Video Status (Share video status messages on your profile), Fab 5 (Easily call your friends by adding them in Fab 5 list, it’s just like Favorites), Video Messages (If the recipient doesn’t pick up your phone call you can leave 5 minutes video message for free), and My Media (To store your photos and other media).

ooVoo free app to app calls screenshot 13

ooVoo can be installed on Android and Apple iOS devices and it also supports Windows and MAC operating Systems. File transfer feature is also included in this app, which makes it different from other apps in our catalog. While installing this on your PC make sure you uncheck “Install Toolbar” option if you like.

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11: Vonage Mobile (Free Phone Calls and Text Messages)

Vonage Mobile claims to offer free phone calls, text messages, video messages and chat features in their Mobile app, and it can be used worldwide. Vonage Mobile app is available on Android and Apple iOS devices, and offers you to make free High-Definition phone calls, free text messages, to send free video messages and photos to anyone who already uses the app. They do have some good international rate too.

Vonage Mobile App Free phone calls screenshot 14

Vonage Mobile app uses your own Phone number as your Caller ID, it doesn’t provide you with a different number to make calls. Vonage is landline service provider, therefore if you call any Vonage Home phone user the call is absolutely free.

You can also avail Refer-A-Friend offer from them, by inviting your friends to use Vonage Mobile app, you can get $1 credit for each new user up to $10. Vonage App supports Bluetooth Hands-free calls directly from its app, and it works great with any Wi-Fi or 3G/4G data connection worldwide.

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12: Dingtone (Free Calling and Free Texting with Walkie-Talkie Feature)

Dingtone gives you an opportunity to make free phone calls to any Dingtone users worldwide, there are no restrictions in sending text messages either, send as many as you can. Text messages also comes with some additional fancy features like typing indicator, read recipient and read notification.

Dingtone Free phone calls screen shot 19

How about a Walkie-Talkie in the same application? Why not, Dingtone transform your regular smartphone into a real Walkie-Talkie, also known as PTT (Push To Talk). Cool Sharing features like: Videos, Pictures, Doodles, Music and locations. They give you a new phone number with the sign up.

There’s an opportunity for you to get some extra credits by checking in daily, watching video ads, completing sponsored offers and by inviting friends to join Dingtone.

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13: Pinger (30 Minutes of Free Phone Calls to US and Canada)

Pinger allows you to have your own phone number to make app to physical phone and app to app VoIP calls. Currently Pinger only supports calls to US and Canada locations. Supported devices for Pinger app are: Android and Apple iOS. For PC platforms it supports Windows and MAC machines. Keep in mind that you can make phone calls from Desktop application but you can’t send texts from there.

Pinger free 30 minutes calls to US and canada screenshot 15

Pinger rewards its users with free 30 Minutes of calls to US and Canada when they sign up, but later they can also get few more free minutes by watching Video advertisement or by completing few offers on their website. They are very active on disabling those accounts which are not in use, if you don’t use your Pinger number for about 30 days the account gets disabled and the Phone number returns to the “pool” for new Pinger users.

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14: Globfone (Service To Make Free Phone Calls and Send Text Messages)

Globfone is very different from all other apps, they don’t have any Mobile app or Desktop software to install, and it runs directly from the web browser itself. No installation at all, which make it quite different. I’m sure the company knows how the current market works, users nowadays look for a Mobile app first, before finding the details about the product.

Globfone make free phone calls from web screenshot 16

This is what they say on their Official website: “Globfone is a completely FREE service that allows you to call or text your friends and family around the world. All you need to do is dial the number. You don’t need to pay, register or install anything – it’s EASY and SAFE.

Recently they also started testing their P2P Video web chat feature, to make Video calls with other random Globfone user or your friend. Their web application uses Java to make phone calls and they recommend using Google Chrome. Voice Quality is not so bad unless you compare it with Giant VoIP companies.

This service is not unlimited you can only make a few calls in 24 hours and also not for very long, the calls drops a lot.


15: netTALK (50 Minutes Free Phone Calls Per Month)

netTALK is an app to make phone calls only, it doesn’t support text messages or any other fancy features which we get with Viber, Google Hangout or Skype like applications.

netTALK free phone calls screenshot 17

netTALK offers you to use their service to make 50 minutes of free phone calls per month, if you still want to continue making calls you can buy TALK credits to proceed with that. Application can be installed on Android and Apple iOS devices to make calls to Landline or Mobile numbers. Some of the best features of this app: Free app to app calling, Free international Radio, Connectivity via Wi-Fi or 3G/4G data connections, you can import your contact from the phone, Free 411 Directory assistance, and you get a conference bridge number too for that Dial 2663.

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16: Whistle Phone (Free Calling App)

Whistle Phone supports HD Calling, Texting and Voicemail over Wi-Fi, 3G/LTE data connections. App is available for Android and Apple iOS Devices. Desktop software is also available for Windows and MAC users. Calls from Whistle to whistle is absolutely free and also Text messages. Whistle Phone app comes with standard features which include: 2 Phone lines, 3 way calling, integrated contact list, Secure and Encrypted calling. They also have premium plan for users with more needs, which comes with additional features and benefits.

At the signup user gets a random number or a number selected according to the area code. Limit to make free phone call is 20 minutes max, text messaging is also limited to 200 per month.

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17: Rebtel – Free International Calls

Rebtel offers free calls from Smartphone and PC, you can call anyone, anywhere in the world using the Wi-Fi or 3G/4G/LTE data conections, participant also needs to be on Rebtel app. Rebtel app is available on Android, Apple iOS and Windows Phone devices.

Rebtel free international calls screen shot 20

Rebtel service is unique in this market, you can even make phone calls on featured phones as well and not just smartphones using their call in numbers available within the app.

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Which Free Calling App Is The Best?

I gave you the complete list of Applications from which you can make free phone calls, send free text messages, start video calling and use other fancy features offered. Now it’s your time to let me and other users know, which stands a chance to be at the top. Please participate in the below voting panel. Thank you for reading.