Find Android Phone or iPhone Even On Silent Mode


It’s often the situation when we don’t seem to find our phones even when they are in our room. You can call on your number and find your phone but what if it’s on silent mode then how you will get your phone back.

Well the solution is Marco Polo app which makes your phone to whistle or make a sound so that you can find it easily. Marco polo is a paid app for iPad and iPhone while Whistle Finder app which is basically free but comes with annoying ads for your Android devices. Both apps are same under the hood as it’s like making a call to your phone but with your own sound and your device will respond back after recognizing the sound.

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You will not have to face such issues while using Whistle Phone Finder and Marco Polo apps. These apps will allow you to make a sound or noise from your mouth, and after your phone recognized that sound it will respond back even if the phone is on silent. So you will be all good and can easily get your phone without needing any other device to find it for you.

Note- these apps will not be useful to find your stolen devices.

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How Whistle Phone Finder Works

You can download this app from Play Store for free and just enable the app, set up its whistle sensitivity. You are allowed to choose from different sound and audio alerts. At the end just whistle to activate it. The app will work perfectly from all way across a 200 sq.ft room but you need to whistle loud and clear to make it hear your sound.

High frequency noises will set it off the app when it’s activated and phone is actually in your pocket. You can disable Whistle Phone Finder but you will not feel the need to do that.

How Marco Polo Works

You have to pay 1 dollar for Marco Polo and it just works like Whistle Finder but here you will only have to choose how it says ‘Polo’ in different voices rather than different audios. The app works perfectly across the 200 sq.ft room as when you loudly say ‘Marco’.

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Although one thing annoying is that when the app is enabled shows the red notification bar and keep flashing ‘Marco Polo’.

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Do They Drain The Battery?

Both apps are designed such that it does not put strain on your device battery so with the apps enabled you will not find much of the difference. However, if you are short on power then it’s better to disable these apps.

It’s recommended to download these apps as they can come handy if you misplace your phone and needs to search it often.

Download: Whistle Phone Finder (Free | Android)

Download: Marco Polo ($1 | iOS)