Fiber Next Door – Google Fiber App Updated for Android Wear

Google Fiber App Got Updated Featured

Google Fiber App Updated With Custom Guides, Filters, And TV Controls For The Lockscreen, Notification Drawer, And Android Wear

There are people lucky enough to have an access to Google Fiber, thanks to which they are enjoying lightning-fast home Internet as well as TV service with support from Google. To enhance your enjoyment Google has updated its Google Fiber app with some new effective features.

The latest update to Google Fiber IPTV app includes the ability to pause and play television with the standard lockscreen controls or with an integrated Android Wear app, moreover, these functions will also work from notification drawer.

You can create sections of your favorite channels with custom guides, which will save you time to flip through a dozen of listing for which you usually don’t care about. Reportedly, users can also add filters to mark their favorite sports, movie channels along with streaming contents to be seen all at once later. UI improvements and the usual bug fixes has also been included in the latest update.

Google is continuously making progress in their Google Fiber project, and the predictions are Google Fiber will be available in Chicago in 2015.