Factory Restore Windows Phone 8 Device and Delete Data


Whether you are using a basic 4GB Windows Phone 8 device or one with additional SD card storage, at some point of time you might face low storage problems. You can delete apps, games and media but sometimes you want to start from scratch by resetting your phone. In this tutorial we’ll show you how you can Factory reset your Windows Phone 8 or Restore Windows Phone 8 Device, and also you will go through a process to delete your data as well.

Windows Phone 8 has a useful app called Storage Sense that can provide you an up-to-date Total of your current storage usage.

Use Storage Sense to Delete Apps & Games on Windows Phone 8

Storage Sense app displays the amount of used and free space and also if you have SD card then here you can set the option to save photos, videos, etc. to the phone or SD card. You can see the detailed info by tapping the meter as where you are using most of the storage and also can find sub-category to find the app, media or game that’s taking the most of the space so you can delete or uninstall that media or apps.

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Usually most of the storage is filled up by the games as some games can claim several gigabytes in size such as Xbox Live compatible titles. To delete app and games within the app, just tap the select button at the bottom of the screen > check mark what you want to remove > and tap Uninstall. To delete other data types you can use the Manage button.

To uninstall games in Windows 8.1, open App List > long-press the game name and select uninstall.

Deleting Photos & Videos

You can backup your photos, videos and songs to OneDrive and your local PC.

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To delete photos, use the steps mentioned above or open the Photos hub > Choose your preferred view – All will display everything, albums groups of photos > and start deleting. You can delete Single photos and images by long tapping and selecting delete while to delete Bulk images tap select >  items you want to delete > then tap confirm.

Albums and Videos can be deleted in bulk by long tapping and selecting delete contents.

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Removing MP3 Files from Windows Phone

Our MP3 collection can grow easily and can cut down our most of the device storage. So it’s better to delete the tracks or albums which we don’t wish to hear anymore.

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To delete tracks you can use Storage Sense to access your collection via manage button or Open Music on your phone > swipe to Songs > tap select and then choose the ones you want to delete > select delete or remove from phone and confirm while for bulk deletion select all option.

To enjoy music on your Windows Phone 8, try FM Band or install apps like TuneIn Radio or Nokia Music.

Deleting Files via Windows Explorer

To delete data from your Windows Phone, connect it via USB cable to your computer, Windows 8 will appear in Windows Explorer, and from here explore media stored on your device just like any other Windows Explorer folder and delete it if you want.

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Please remember that files deleted this way cannot be restored from Recycle Bin.

Maps & Temporary Files

Other types of data can also hold enough storage space of your phone so also check that.

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In Storage Check, tap Maps (to find the downloaded maps) > long tap and select delete to remove the data, while temporary files can be removed by tapping Clear.

To delete Internet history, open Internet Explorer > expand the menu > select settings > delete history > and then Delete to confirm.

Ultimate Delete: Perform A Factory Restore on Windows Phone 8 (Restore Windows Phone)

If you have tried and deleted from most of the data types mentioned above but still facing low storage or any case if you just want to start fresh with your Windows Phone 8, then it is time to do a full factory reset.

To do so, open Settings > scroll to About > look for the reset your phone button > confirm the action to reset your phone.

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After reset being completed your device will be wiped, operating system restored to factory settings and you have to download and install updates again. If you are using Windows Phone 8.1 Developer Preview, it also has to be reinstalled.

That’s it! Now you should be able to manage storage space on Windows Phone 8.

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