How To Extract And Modify Icons On A Mac

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Undoubtedly Mac’s design is simply gorgeous and its icon alone is enough to win this argument. Every icon on Mac is simply perfect and symbolizes what it is for. Its high resolution 1024 x 1024 can be used as wallpaper for an iPad. Today I am sharing with you as how you can extract icons from Mac so that you can use them as you please or even modify app’s icon with one of your own.

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Extracting an Icon on your MAC

To extract icons on Mac, first you need to know that icons are stored with the extension .icns on Mac which is actually an archive of multiple icon image sizes. Let’s see how you can extract icons from the application “Evernote”, the process will be same for any other app/file. You will find installed applications in the “Applications” folder. Use shortcut ⇧ + ⌘ + a (shift + cmd + a) on the desktop to get instant access > Now navigate to your intended app > right click/ctrl+click on the icon and press “get info” OR, press ⌘ + i (cmd + i) to get to it instantly which will show you all of this app/file’s info.

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Here you will find a tiny icon next to app’s name > click on it once > press ⌘ + c (cmd + c) to copy it > open “Preview” from applications.

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It might take you to the old version of file that you already have or it may Open window pane. Go to File Menu and click on “File” and “New From Clipboard”

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This will show you all the available sizes in Preview. You can select your preferred icon and save it by ctrl+click/right and save as PNG (or any other format).

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It’s just a simple process but if you want then there are paid apps available which can do this for you such as Secondbar For Mac, Desktop Icon Manager For Mac, Change Desktop For Mac etc.

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Replacing an Icon on MAC

If you do not like any icon and wants to change it then there are also third party paid apps available but the process of replacing icons is simple and you can easily do it yourself.

Firstly, you need an icon with which you want to replace the Evernote icon. You can download from Google images or there are many other options to choose from on the internet.

To copy, go to your icns file (or image file, whichever you are using) > Copy it by ctrl + click/right click or ⌘ + c (cmd + c)

Then, by repeating the above process all the way to the “get info”, clicks on the icon and this time, press ⌘ + v which will replace the file. If by chance an icns file does not work try to use 1024 x 1024 resolution image and Mac will scale it automatically.

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