Enable / Disable Screen Pinning In Android Lollipop

Screen Pinning on Android Lollipop Featured

Android Lollipop is reaching out devices and soon you will also get the update if you haven’t got that yet. Android Lollipop introduced many new special features, pinning screens is one of those new additions, which will be most useful to Tablet users. Keep on reading to see how you can enable/disable screen pinning.

Enable Pinning

Screen Pinning on Android Lollipop Screen shot 1

Even if you have upgraded to Android Lollipop, Screen pinning is not enabled by default. If you want to enable pinning you have to do it manually. To do so – Go to Settings > Security > Find Screen Pinning option > and tap switch to enable Pinning.

Pinning & Unpinning Apps

Screen Pinning on Android Lollipop Screen shot 2

If you want to pin a specific app, you must bring it up by launching or see if it’s already running. Make sure it’s the last active app. Now Tap ‘Overview’ (it’s just the multitask button so bring the app into view), here you will see a floating thumb pin button in the bottom of the app’s preview, which will ask you if you want to pin this app so tap it and confirm.

If you want to unpin an app and you also have passcode enabled on your device, then you have to enter the passcode to do so. To unpin an app – just hold the multitasking button which will show you the ‘Screen Unpinned’ so complete the task.

Screen Pinning on Android Lollipop Screen shot 3

You can show photos on your phone screen in this way but keep in mind that if you are pinning an app, then anyone can wander around the app; same is the case when you pin a photo on the screen as anyone can swipe left/right and see other photos so make sure that you are comfortable for the consequences (Read Caution!).