Dropbox App for Chromebook – How To

Dropbox App for Chromebook

Do you want Dropbox App for Chromebook? Chrome developer Yoichiro Tanaka knows how to integrate Dropbox into the file manager of your Chromebook, Chromebox or any Chrome OS device.

This is the first stable version of this app and it works really smoothly, the installation is also very easy.

Start your Chrome OS device and go to the App’s page in Chrome Store: File System for Dropbox. If you have installed other apps from Chrome Store in the past you shouldn’t have any issues installing this app as well, the method is same just like any other app.

This app is for Chrome OS devices only since you don’t need it on Windows, Mac or Linux. Dropbox client is available for these platforms.

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Once the installation is complete, open your app panel and locate the icon. Click on that icon and it will prompt you to mount your Dropbox, go through the sign-on and authorization process, grant permissions and you’re done. Your Dropbox credentials won’t be saved in this app, this is only required for authorization purposes.

Now look up for Dropbox entry on your Chrome’s File Manager, when you click it that shows all your files in your Dropbox Cloud account.

Very useful for users in need of High Disk Space.