Download YouTube Videos Officially For Offline Use – Google Announcement

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With the recent release of Android One smartphones, Google also announced that they will allow users in India to Download YouTube Videos to watch offline on their phone, anytime anywhere which will help them save on their data connection.

The reason behind this offer according to YouTube executive Ceasar Sengupta is, that data connection is not always available to users everywhere and the people in India watch YouTube a lot, this is to save their data connection costs as well.

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There are no restrictions on downloading videos from YouTube for users, they can download any YouTube video for offline use. Google didn’t announced any date of launch for this service yet, but mentioned that it will be available soon.

How many of you need this service expanded to other countries as well? Wouldn’t it be nice if we can download YouTube videos here in US or anywhere you reside, that’s a lot of saving on your data connection right? Leave us some comments.