How to Disable Chrome’s New Bookmark Manager

Chrome New Bookmark Manager Featured

If you didn’t like the Google’s new ‘enhanced bookmarking feature’ rolled out to Chrome beta channel release, then you are not alone because this feature is not pleasantly welcomed by everyone. If you want to revert back to the old bookmark manager then you can do so by following below mentioned simple steps.

How to Disable New Bookmarks Manager in Google Chrome Beta

Chrome New Bookmark Manager Screen shot 1

To do this – Open a new tab in Google Chrome Beta > Now Go to chrome://flags/#enhanced-bookmarks-experiment > Now From here click on the dropdown menu and switch from ‘default‘ to ‘disabled‘ > it will prompt you to Restart Google Chrome Beta. Click Ok! You will be delighted to see that you have gotten back the standard bookmarks.

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Note: if you do not like getting new experimental features then it will be better to move out of Beta Channel and just live with Stable Channel.