How To Customize the LG G3’s On-Screen Buttons

LG G3 On-Screen Buttons Featured

You already know that LG G3 sports on-screen buttons but the best part is that LG has added a whole menu area where you can easily customize the phones on-screen keys. Let’s see how you can add up to five keys to your button panel as well as change their look.

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Firstly, go to “Home touch buttons” menu; in default tabbed view, go to Display tab then tap  Home touch buttons, or if you are using list view, tap ‘Display’ and scroll down to Home touch buttons.

Button Combinations

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You can rearrange the default back, home and task-switching keys as well as add more button combinations in the menu.

You can choose from the following which two more buttons you want to add there:

Notifications: it will be useful for you as it will save you from hassling as you don’t have to reach to the top of screen to see your notifications.

QuickMemo+: it will launch LG’s note-taking app, where you can take screenshot and annotate it.

QSlide: it will give you quick access to QSlide menu which shows a grid of windows apps and you can drag them around the screen.

Dual window: LG’s split-screen offer multitasking feature, so with this button you will be able to drag supported apps to the top or bottom part of the screen.

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You can drag icons and place them around anywhere on the screen, but this does not include the default keys.

Button Colors And Transparency

From Colors menu, you can change colors of your on screen buttons. There are 4 combinations available i.e. black or white, with or without a gradient.

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You can also select ‘Transparent background’- mark the checkbox to do that, to make your on screen buttons transparent.

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Hide On-Screen Buttons In Certain Apps And Games

Although G3 features a 5.5-inch display but still these on-screen buttons feels annoying when appeared in apps or during games. So the solution is to hide them and you can do this from within the ‘Hide Home touch buttons’ menu which allow you to choose from a list of apps and choose to hide these on-screen buttons.

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It will just hide the on-screen buttons without hiding the notification shade- what we have seen in Android 4.4 KitKat’s full-screen “immersive mode”.

You can view on-screen buttons in apps where you have hidden them, by swiping up from where they usually were placed i.e. at the bottom of the screen in portrait mode while on the right-hand side in landscape mode.

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That’s it, as now you are good to go to customize LG G3’s on-screen buttons.

Do let us know in the comments how you did the tweaking and which button combo you have selected.