Crazy Samsung Gear S Wristbands from Diesel


Samsung has announced its partnership with Diesel Black Gold and thanks to this collaboration, we will soon see a series of customized stylish accessories for the new Samsung Gear S smartwatch. Diesel Black Gold is a renowned name with a premium line of the Diesel brand, and it’s likely we see the Samsung Gear S custom accessories launch at the runway of the Diesel’s Spring/Summer 2015 show.

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Samsung Mobile’s VP of global marketing said that, their company wants to introduce some personalized touch with the mix of fashion to their devices and they are sure of the fact that no one is better to do that other than Diesel Black Gold.


Diesel is offering 3 different options for Samsung Gear S Smartwatch – a thick studded wristband; a simple black leather wristband and a third design is unique in its own way as there is a plain band which does not wrap around the sides of display, rather Samsung’s AMOLED display fits on this leather pedestal.

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Samsung Gear S Wristband from Diesel

There is no disclosure of their price or whether they will be available worldwide or not, but one thing is sure that Diesel’s creativity and thoughtful designing will add a sharp attitude to the Samsung Gear S Smartwatches.