The Evolution of Corning Inc. & Introducing Gorilla Glass 4 (Sponsored)

Corning Gorilla Glass 4 Featured

About Corning Inc.

Corning Inc. is redefining their materials’ science standard as the one of the world’s leading innovators. With the innovation of Gorilla Glass 4 which is 2x tougher than any other cover glass in the market, the company has proven once again their expertise in making tougher, stronger, and thinner clover glass materials.  The company has maintained its good reputation for being successful in the glass manufacturing industry for 160 years.  The constant evolution of Corning Inc. on their research and development enables the company to produce Gorilla Glass 4 branded for its durability, optical clarity, and thinness as well as exceptional drop performance.

What is Corning Inc.’ of Gorilla Glass 4?

Gorilla Glass is a brand name developed and manufactured by Corning Inc. made from an alkali-alum inosilicate sheet of glass. It is used as cover glass for electronic devices including portable media players, television screens, mobile phones, tablets, and portable computer displays.

Generally, the company developed glass material for electronics devices and smart phones for many companies across the globe. Over the years, Corning was popular for developing high hard and scratch resistance cover glass. Corning was able to combine lightness, damage-resistance, and thinness on the products. During the manufacturing process, the glass was created with one purpose in mind, to make a compressive residual stress in order to eliminate the material’s tendency to crack.

With the introduction of Gorilla Glass 4, after the release of Gorilla Glass 3, the significant improvement was very evident making it more in demand from electronic companies and smart phone manufacturers.

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How it works?

In today’s gadget age where things are mostly portable electronic manufactures are looking for ways to improve their products too. Screen resolution is more vibrant and sharper than ever. The processor speed has risen dramatically.

At present, there is one more thing that you have to really see. The glass of your gadgets is getting thinner and stronger. Corning’s glass material is incredibly thin which is not capable of interfering the touch screen performance and weight. What makes it different from other glass competitors?  Gorilla Glass 4 was immersed in molten salt bath and incredible temperatures to withstand a lot of punishment.

Gorilla Glass 4 claimed to be stronger than any cover glass in the industry today. In a drop test, Corning’s scientists proved that 80% of the time was survived as compared to the cola glass which broke every time. The strong characteristic of the glass from breakage is the best solution on one of the biggest problem faced by consumers when dropping a device. It terms of thickness, Gorilla Glass 4 is much thinner than the 1mm thickness of its predecessor Gorilla Glass. This means that Corning is helping the industry to make devices which is even thinner and lighter-weight. Thickness is one of the selling points of any portable device.

Since the launching of Gorilla Glass in 2007, there are more than 1,395 product models that have used Corning’s cover glass as their selling feature. Thus, Gorilla Glass 4 can stand above against its competitors for its impact and scratch resistant qualities.

*This post has been sponsored by Corning Inc, but concerns my own opinion.