Cobra’s Jumpack – Jumpstart Your Car In Emergency



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(CES) is held every year in United States always in Las Vegas. A number of electronic gadget manufacturers attend this conference and introduce their forthcoming products. Cobra Electronics, based in United States, is a big name in the automotive industry all over the world. In the conference, they announced to launch a portable device named Cobra Jumpack, which can help users to jumpstart their cars having starting trouble. The Jumpack produces a 400-Amp peak current output, which is enough for starting your car in an emergency. The manufacturers know that this emergency occurs once in a while, therefore, to make this device to be used more often, they have made it capable of charging most phones and tablets through its 2.1A USB output while travelling.
The device also includes jumper cables that allow users to connect it to their vehicle’s battery and a built-in flashlight. Making use of a special high voltage connector and special circuitry, the Jumpack can be used without any potential risk of electric shock.


Cobra Electronics plan to start selling this product from April this year with a price tag of $130.

Images Credit: Engadget

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