Clear Browsing History / Data in Chrome on Android Lollipop

Clear History in Chrome on Android Lollipop Featured

Our smartphones are filled with private data that usually we don’t feel comfortable to share with others, and one other important thing is our Browser History. There are times when we have to lend our phones to others, but you surely don’t want them to see your personal browser history while lurking in your phone. So let’s see how you can clear browsing data/history on your Android’s Chrome Browser.

First of all, Open the Chrome Browser. Here you will see 3 dots stacked (in the most right corner on the top side) it’s called OverFlow Menu so select these dots to open the Overflow menu.

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Clear History in Chrome on Android Lollipop Screen Shot 1

A new menu will pop up. Here scroll down and press ‘History’.

Here, all recent sites that you have recently accessed will be displayed. You have the choice to delete them one by one or in the whole. If you want to delete the individual sites showing here, press X (appearing next to sites) and start deleting OR delete the entire history by pressing ‘Clear Browsing data ’ available on the bottom of your screen.

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Clear History in Chrome on Android Lollipop Screen Shot 2

You must keep in mind that whether you clear site one by one or everything on your Android device, these sites will also be cleared from your Chrome History of your desktop.

There are also many other options available when you press Clear browsing data and go into options. Here you can see delete browsing history, clear cache (temporary files that user thinks might be useful and can be used again), clear Cookies (used by sites to track browsing sessions) clear passwords (you have to provide them again whenever they will be asked for log-in), clear Autofill data (these are usually forms that are filled up automatically). You just have to select Clear and these dragging history items will be deleted and you can handover your smartphone to anyone without worrying about your privacy.

Note: if you have syncing enabled on your Chrome data with your Google account then this will also clear it from desktop browser.