Chromebooks – Perfect Replacement For Windows Machines

Replace Windows with Chromebooks Featured

Chromebook vs Laptop: Microsoft announced that they no longer support Windows XP operating system which have arisen many questions; one of them is to find the alternative of Windows XP. There are innumerable reasons for users to use Windows XP but the ceasing of support definitely needs consideration and people need to move on to another OS despite the fact they love XP. So here is why we think of Google’s Chromebooks can be taken as a valid alternative.

Chromebooks Costs Cheaper Than Other Laptops

You have the option to upgrade to new version of Windows OS but if you are running Windows XP on a laptop or any other smaller netbook then there are chances that you will not have the required specifications to run Microsoft’s latest offerings smoothly. In this case Chromebook seems like the best and affordable option as you can find Chromebooks such as Acer C720 for $190 or Samsung Chromebook 2 for $319.

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Any other Windows or Apple notebooks can cost you $500 to $1000 at least. Moreover, Google is running an offer to benefit Business users as they can save $100 on buying of Chromebook devices and $200 discount if they switch to VMWare Desktop.

Chromebooks Can’t Be Attacked by Viruses

Another reason to ditch Windows XP and upgrade to Chromebooks is because they are immune to viruses and have more stability than Windows XP. Chromebooks are secure and virtually immune to viruses. You will get automatic updates, sandboxed browsing, verified boot and localized data encryption and a secure design to make you safe from hacker’s attacks. For security Chromebook’s software development kit has been introduced so that if any hacker managed to get his hand on your data, it will be only for a single session.

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Chromebooks are arguably the most secure laptops on the market but still we recommend you to take some extra precautions against phishing attacks and use Avast’s Web Rep extension. Windows XP’s security is nightmare for users and a dream comes true for hackers, and even Microsoft’s Windows 8 is not up to the mark which is supposed to be the most secure version of the OS.

You Can Also Install Linux on Chromebooks

You may be hesitating to move to Chromebooks due to the less availability of offline apps and software. No need to worry as Google is continuously introducing a number of offline applications and also the best part is that Chrome OS is a Linux-based operating system which allows you to install Linux and enjoy any software such as Skype, VLC Media Player or any other which is compatible with Linux.

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You can also install Wine on your Linux system which enables you to run Windows software and to give you Windows like environment and experience. You must buy an Intel processor machine for maximum compatibility with Linux.

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Get Updates Every Two Weeks on Chromebooks – Which Means More Secure

Google Chromebooks offer you three release channels but its recommend to stay with Stable channel. Chromebooks are updated frequently, major updates coming every 6 weeks while smaller tweaks released every 2 weeks. It’s sure that if you are facing any other bugs and issues then you will get their solution sooner than any other OS, which make it more efficient than Windows, Apple or Linux machine.

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The experimental ‘Development Channel’ receives updates twice a week but it’s not recommended to users because of its instability and other bugs issues.

Chromebooks Can Be Used in Offline Mode

Most people hesitate to use Chromebooks because they think that it lacks the offline functionality but now it’s not true anymore as Google has taken this consideration and make sure that Chrome Apps work offline. You can download a large number of apps, games, entertainment software, and academic tools from Web Store which will work perfectly offline.

So do you think Chromebooks to be a possible alternative or still want to stick with Windows XP? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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  • AndyMcJ

    I totally agree with this article, in business we are starting to introduce Chromebook’s to replace certain users laptops that can remote in via an RDP session to a terminal services server, giving them full access to the company email, servers, documents & databases.. We have found that we get no issues from these users, where as before their XP laptop was freezing, running slow, caught a virus/malware (even with Sophos Endpoint Security), constantly needed updating with Java and Flash updates which required Admin access as downloads are restricted.
    So this has reduced the IT departments number of help desk tickets to such a point we are now looking at replacing a number of XP desktop PC’s with LG Chromebase’s and some Chromeboxe’s where required.
    I think that Google has the correct O/S and just needs to tweak it so that some packaged apps can be installed which seems to be happening now… Look out Microsoft, it is not just the cheap Notebooks that Chrome O/S devices replace.

    • Thank you for your input in this article, and thank you for sharing such a great knowledge.There is no doubt that Google is capable of creating an OS competitive to Microsoft’s Windows or Apple MAC OS.

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