Chevy Showcases Corvette Z06 at Detroit Auto Show – Images & Video


Chevy Showcases Corvette Z06 at Detroit Auto Show – Images & Video

The company which is in debt for a long time now, but this doesn’t takes away the passion they have by producing wonderful cars. Chevrolet has been showcasing sedans in the past which were more like normal ones which are similar to many mid-size sedans available by other brands. Recently, in Detroit Auto Show which was held a day ago, Chevrolet launched the Corvette Z06 which will be available to the public in 2015. The yellow color gives a punchy look to the overall design.

This monster looking car comes with the C7 platform with supercharged 625 HP and some 635 foot pounds of torque which is absolutely stunning. During the launch the Corvette Chief Engineer Tadge Juechter who said “highest-performing vehicle the North American automakers have ever made.” We would have to wait for the actual amount ex-showroom and also about other specifications like the dimensions, mileage etc. as this platform is currently in the nascent stages. But initial impressions are pretty good and it will be definitely cheaper than the top of the line Z07 model

Image & Content Source: Auto Blog

Have a look at this video about this stunning car by Chevrolet.

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