Canon EOS 7D Mark II Specs, Review, Photos and Video

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Finally the wait is over and happy days are here for photographers, Canon’s long awaited Canon EOS 7D Mark II is ready to ship in November for $1,799 without a lens, whereas with the EF-S 18-135mm f/3.5-5.6 IS STM lens will cost you approx. $2,149. Canon EOS 7D Mark II is just like a dream come true for pro photographers and video shooters. Original Canon EOS 7D was launched back in 2009, and now after 5 years Canon has announced 7D Mark II. They have embedded every feature thoroughly thinking about the needs of photographers. It will definitely prove to be a game changer and I am not saying this for just boasting headlines, but in reality it will be a qualitative and reliable camera for every user hopefully. It has an affordable price tag where Canon has managed to offer us a digital imaging solution in the form of Canon EOS 7D Mark II Digital SLR camera (it lacks a 35mm sensor and integrated Wi-Fi) but even after 5 years Canon has only manage to add some subtle changes rather than giving its users some groundbreaking techs and specs.

Canon EOS 7D Mark II

Buy Canon EOS 7D Mark II from Amazon for $1,799.
Buy Canon EOS 7D Mark II from Amazon for $1,799.

It has a newly designed 20.2-megapixel APS-C CMOS sensor (although it’s the same as original 7D) but Canon has assured that it’s all new and much better sensor than the original 7D and will give improved quality. It has an advanced image processor, Dual DIGIC 6 Image processors and thanks to this new sensor and new dual image processor, default ISO range is now 100-16,000 whereas it’s also expandable up to 25,600 and 51,200. It’s also equipped with latest 65-point, all cross-type phase-detect autofocus system (that’s much more than 7D’s 19-point system) which make it best deal for those who shoot fast moving action like shoot sports or wild photography.

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AF work down to -3EV. In a first glance you may think that it’s just like the original Canon EOS 7D, but this one has durable magnesium alloy body which is dust and moisture resistant (so use it without thinking how the weather and what’s the temperature is), but not to be mistaken as both just look similar in outer body design only. Canon has added little hardware tweaks as well such as Canon EOS 7D Mark II accepts a BG E-16 battery grip (indeed a good change!) weather sealing has been improved as well, but guess it lacks what’s now considered as a standard in cheaper cameras, which is the Wi-Fi and NFC so you have to buy Wi-Fi module separately which will cut you almost £600. However, it has GPS.

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If we say that Canon EOS 7D Mark II is a horsepower then nothing will be wrong in this fact, Canon has introduced some innovative features that we have not seen in other EOS cameras. They have managed to squeeze professional level specs in this HD-DSLR which make it best for still photography and cinematography. Undoubtedly, the new Canon EOS 7D Mark II is leaps-and-bounds more powerful than the original 7D – bigger, better and faster.


There is also no touch screen and it has 3-inch 1040k-dot display which is fixed so no tilting display there, however it has a pop-up built-in flash and 100% coverage optical viewfinder. It feels like Canon EOS 7D Mark II is like an old school which I am sure will please veteran DSLRs, but we cannot deny that it’s oddly outdated in some respects.

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However, there are certain important changes under the hood such as two DIGIC 6 processors rather than just the one, now you can shoot in full resolution at 10fps which is extremely fast, shoot 31 photos RAW images, 1000 JPEGs files, and 19 RAW+JPEG files continuously. These are some of the qualities which make this APS-C model slightly high priced than others in the same class. It might confuse people to go for Sony Alpha A7 which is offering full-frame sensors to smaller frames and also with budget friendly price tag.


Canon EOS 7D Mark II will definitely please video shooters, it can capture video at up 60fps in 1080p resolution while there is also dedicated microphone and headphone ports available which eliminates the need of monitor and sound recorder. So if any videographer looking for a decent tool then they cannot get the best than Canon EOS 7D Mark II. Canon has also added 150,000-pixel RGB+IR 252-zone metering sensor in this latest camera. Canon’s innovative Dual Pixel CMOS AF system is best for rapid and precise focusing in video as well as still imagery. It can also do wonder in low-light shooting (indoor shooting will not be a problem at all) so overall superb image quality and rapid burst is expected from this highly anticipated digital SLR shooter.


There is USB 3.0 for connectivity, dual card slots for both CF and SD cards, HDMI, wired remote connector, PC socket so just shoot videos (MOV, MP4 file formats and uncompressed video can be recorded) or images and then transfer them via USB, keep them stored at SD cards (must buy Wi-Fi module if you want transfer on air) or output uncompressed footage (with audio) through the HDMI port per your choice. Canon EOS 7D Mark II can be used as a secondary or backup camera as it has a much better AF systems.

Selected Shots from Canon EOS 7D Mark II:

There are seven AF area modes which also include the new Large Zone AF option, orientation-sensitive AF point selection which allows photographers to tweak different AF point modes in portrait and landscape modes. Autofocus system is capable to autofocus almost pretty much anything without discriminating between stationary or moving. Thanks to the big upgrade in metering system, 150,000-pixel RGB and IR metering sensor, Canon EOS 7D Mark II has a much better automatic exposure and it has full color exposure sensor unlike its predecessor which were lacking these things.

Canon EOS 7D Mark II DSLR – First Test Video by Canon Australia

Canon EOS 7D Mark II sports a larger-capacity LP-E6N battery which will likely work with older packs as well, so long hour shooting with this camera will be less hassling. Canon will make available the optional Battery Grip BG-E16 as well as optional Wireless File Transmitter WFT-E7A Version 2 at later dates. It also features an advanced mirror vibration control technology which will control the extra vibration caused by high speed continuous shooting (its rugged shutter designed for 200,000 cycles & can shoot up to 10 frames per second) which ensures that you will have superb image qualities; So now get higher image quality without compromising on speed.

You can shoot time-lapse fixed-point shooting and long exposures (flower blooming, clouds drifting through sky) without the need for a remote control. Moreover, its built-in bulb timer can be configured to keep the shutter open for selected amount of time. It also features a new flicker detection system so now you have Anti-Flicker Shooting which will be most useful in such situations where you don’t have optimal lighting situations.

Canon EOS 7D Mark II can be a perfect tool for creative and ambitious photographers. It’s available to pre-order for $1,799 (body only) whereas body with 18-135mm IS STM Lens will come at the price of $2,149.