Canon EOS 70D Review – Digital SLR


Camera enthusiasts are going to be excited when they get their hands on Canon’s latest DSLR EOS 70D as this one is a surely game-changer in the category of best video shooter DSLR. Canon 70D has 20.2-megapixel APSC CMOS sensor coupled with a Digic 5 processor while there are some great innovations on board but let me start by saying this camera captures impressive quality images and with over 20 megapixels these images can be printed very large, or you can crop and recompose images during post-processing and still have nice images with seven frames per second burst shooting a native ISO range from 100 to 12,800 and that expandable to 25,600 and 19 Cross-Type sensors in the autofocus system and built in WiFi.

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Canon EOS 70D Photo 1

Undoubtedly it focuses and shoots really fast. Overall the image quality is very good and I was pleasantly surprised that the raw images worked with the current version Adobe Camera Raw software so I could process the images to my taste right away without waiting for an update to Adobe Camera Raw or Lightroom software. Canon 70D is a very respectable modern DSLR sharing a spot at the top of Canon’s APSC size sensor lineup. It has 3-inch vari-angle design LCD display with 1,040k-dot resolution, and also touch sensitive whereas you can enable a feature called touch shutter and camera will focus where you touch and then snapped the image without pressing the shutter button; however I recommend using this feature with tripod. Touch Shutter is quicker this is the same reason the camera is sure to be a hit with DSLR videographers.

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Buy Canon EOS 70D from AmazonCanon 70D also has Canon’s new sensor based focused technology- a Dual Pixel CMOS AF; this new technology greatly improves AF during filming and help people who are less skilled at manually pulling focused like a pro videographer and capture some great professional looking footage. Twistable LCD is great for filming unusual angles and for recording yourself. Basically the video feature set up to 70D is pretty strong all-around. It captures 1080p at 30fps. There’s a mic jack for external mic and you can set the volume annually before shooting for external or the built-in stereo Mics but not during filming and unfortunately there isn’t a headphone jack and you cannot record video when Wi-Fi is enabled. Shutter speed aperture and ISO can be adjusted while filming in manual mode and exposure compensation can be changed during filming in other modes and a great feature is that Canon 70D can capture a video snapshot album.

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There’s a reasonable collection and novice friendly features and settings including things like the fact that the camera uses SD cards just once locked up it has created filters to add special effects to images you’ve shot. Canon creative auto mode is really impressive as this is for those novices who are pushing to do more but they aren’t quite sure how to do it.

Canon EOS 70D Photo 5

Overall Canon’s 70D feels quite good and you probably wouldn’t even notice that there are little plastic body parts because there’s a sturdy solid feel to the camera and a textured grip on many of the serfaces and all the buttons and dials are in logical comfortable positions. You can use Canon’s Wi-Fi app to control the camera and shoot wirelessly. It will cost you $1,099.