BMW i3 Features Self-Parking Technology Explained – Video


BMW was keen to show off some Connected Drive technology at CES in its new i3 so a truck dust well I 640 d out to Las Vegas Motor Speedway for a demo. We had a brief look at the BMW a remote app installed on a Samsung Galaxy Gear with the car’s battery state range lock status and other niceties are displayed lost your car on some street after a park itself communication flows both ways. With the BMW i3 and by simply asking the car to make some noise using the watch the horn will honk after a short delay.

bmw i3 features self parking technology

Image Credits: Engadget

One of the i3s most compelling features is it one thousand dollars parking package. At the push of a button using ultrasonic sensors the car will both find and then park itself in a spot with this little is 22 inches. Have extra space self-parking cars are new but the little electric i3 does the complete procedure in Ghazni driver input on gas for breaking, we tried the entire parking procedure and it worked flawlessly as it back into the spot and then adjusted back and forth a bit to get properly align with the curb. It is worth the one thousand dollars bucks if you’re not the most adept driver. When it comes to parallel parking we’d say it absolutely looks worth it don’t believe us a peak at the video right below:

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