Block App Notifications in Android Wear

How To Block App Notifications in Android Wear Featured

Android Wear Apps are basically curate for notifications because in today’s busy lives, getting notification on our smartwatches (whether it’s LG G Watch, Moto 360 or Samsung Gear Live) can be irritating and disturbing. If you want to block specific apps to send notification on your Android Wear Device, there is an easy way-out.

It’s really nice and convenient that you can receive notifications on your Smart Watches, but still there are some apps from which you don’t want notifications to appear on your watch. If you are looking for the solution with which you can keep an app from sending notifications, just follow the simple steps given below:

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Open Android Wear App > Navigate to Settings > Here Choose ‘Block Apps’> and in the end just scroll through apps that you want to block.

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Image: AndroidCentral

It’s really irritating but still you have to mute apps one by one. It will be good if Google soon add the checkboxes option with which users can select multiple apps and just mute them all at once. (Don’t be confused between Mute and Block because Google has just change the naming scheme but still they meant the same thing).