Audi TT Will Feature Full Digital Dash in 2015 – Video


Technology and Automobile are increasingly integrating day by day, and one company which is in forefront is none other than Audi. Recently, they announced at CES 2014 that they will be providing 4G LTE to their base line A3 also. Now they have went a step further by announcing that in 2015, Audi TT will be having fully integrated digital dashboard. This also gives us a conclusion that Audi is fully determined to make a driver driven car and not chauffer driven as Audi is known for its sports looks and driving experience.

Audi TT Will Feature Full Digital Dash in 2015

Photo Credits: Engadget

This technology was showcased at CES this year. The dashboard will be consisting of a 10.2 inch Audi’s Smart Display which will help you to find just next to your eyes to the one who is driving as the navigation display is located at the driver’s seat. The complete system is of 12.3 inches which consist of a classic view along with an infotainment view, which will help to eliminate the need of having a second screen for your car. The dashboard really looks stunning with great colors and high resolution display which will help to see sharp text even at a distance.

Take a look at this video

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