Audi A3 Will See 4G LTE Support in 2015


AUDI a3 with 4g lte support
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Integration of mobile services into luxury cars, have been need of an hour. More and mobile services are been added to improve the overall experience. It not just about TV, Bluetooth and GPS anymore, there is more into it. This has been in Consumer Electronic Show (CES) 2014 in the automotive section, where Audi announces variety of new features which includes 4G LTE services of AT&T for its low level sedans (Audi A3) also.

In a press release the President, Audi of America said “With the introduction of the new A3 family Audi is putting the most advanced technology into the compact luxury segment. Offering drivers a 4G LTE connection will provide the fastest in-vehicle connection available and significantly enhance the infotainment experience.”
Also from the AT&T side it’s President of Emerging Enterprises and Partnerships Organization said “AT&T has the nation’s fastest and most reliable LTE network* and this new relationship with Audi allows us to drastically improve the in-car experience. It’s exciting to think about the Audi A3 family of cars throughout the U.S. running 4G LTE-powered wireless hotspots and more through Audi connect.”

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An additional feature by Audi for AT&T 4G LTE users is that, now they will, be offering Mobile Share data plan, wherein users will be able to share their data plans of their mobile phones with their Audi A3 sedans.


Source: AutoBlog

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