Asus Zenwatch Introduction with Photos

Asus Zenwatch Photo Front

Asus Zenwatch which was first revealed at IFA 2014, it’s launching in October for €199 in Europe while there is no news when it will be available in US and with what price tag. To get to know more about this Asus Zenwatch read on!

When it comes to specs, it has 1.63-inch AMOLED display at 320×320 resolution, Android Wear OS, 512MB RAM and 4GB of onboard storage. Band is Asus’s own, swappable but it will be good if you do not go for swapping because band itself is durable and beautiful.

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ASUS ZenWatch Photo 1

Band is made of leather and has a quick release clasp. Tan leather looks nice and feels soft inside, actually it’s an Android Wear watch band that you’ll want to wear.

Zenwatch looks gorgeous on your arm as it have curved glass display, have 9 Axis sensors to track your activity as well as heart rate monitor. It’s not the smallest but also not the bigger one, think of it as same size as original Pebble. Its back is made of stainless steel and charges using a cradle.

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ASUS ZenWatch Photo 2

It’s running the same Android Wear like other SmartWatches but Asus has also sauced it up and added its own features such as find my phone feature where you can tap twice on the watch and find your lost Asus smartphone. For now its exclusive for Asus own smartphones only. Whereas it also has Zenwatch Manager Application which enabled several other features such as using trusted Bluetooth watch can automatically unlock the phone.

ASUS ZenWatch Hands-On Video by TechnoBuffalo:

Overall, Zenwatch is a good SmartWatch with good display, beautiful & durable leather band which makes it a comfortable wearing device. Moreover, it’s also having a decent price tag and which makes Zenwatch a fair deal.