Asus PB287Q display review: Inexpensive 4K Display

Asus PB287Q 4K Display Monitor Featured

The 28-inch Asus PB287Q has an impressive list of features with a decent price tag of $649. It’s one of the affordable UltraHD desktop monitor which have specs like 3840×2160-pixel resolution, two HDMI 1.4 ports, a bright 330 cd/m2 luminance rating, LED backlighting, a single DisplayPort 1.2, 1 millisecond gray-to-gray response time, and built-in 2W speakers which does not sound too bad. Although it lacks USB hub which I guess would be convenient if added.

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Buy ASUS PB287Q from Amazon for $609.99 on Sale.
Buy ASUS PB287Q from Amazon for $609.99 on Sale.

It comes with a highly flexible stand with height adjustment swivel, and tilt capabilities. The PB287Q got 6 dots and a power icon placed at the lower right hand side which makes it difficult to press the right combination of keys when needed. You may find yourself cursing for hitting the wrong button. Menu is kind of clunky, but you will need to access these menus for eight SplendidPlus display modes, brightness, color settings as well as speaker volume. In display modes you will be getting Reading, Theater, sRGB, Game, and Standard modes. I recommend setting it to the Standard mode.

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4K monitors provide four times as many pixels as standard 1080 HD; the PB287Q can run at 60Hz but it might struggle to support the high resolution as it use DisplayPort 1.2 connected with a graphic card. 4K monitors really needs some serious graphics horsepower to run at full resolution and to support the standard refresh rate. When connecting through HDMI 1.4 Refresh rates restricted to 30Hz, however it works best with DisplayPort 1.2

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4K support on PC graphics cards is more common and it looks much better on Windows 8.1 rather on Apple’s as it still needs some improvising there. Applications are not optimized as they did not give you the 4K resolution feel but with Windows 8.1 menu, icons and their placement looks reasonable rather than the odd feel.

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When compared to the expensive $3500 Sharp PN-K321, the Asus PB287Q looks like that the colors on the Asus were a little muted and viewing angle was limited and text seems like broken. But we should not forget that the Asus PB287Q costs one-fifth as much as the PN-K321 and that what makes it an affordable Ultra HD display monitor. Asus PB287Q seems like a best and affordable option if you need an Ultra HD display.