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Apple has always been known as a trend setter, they set the path and other follows. It looks like Apple wants to revolutionize wearables, and they are on their way by introducing Apple’s most anticipated watch and they does not name it iWatch but rather called Apple Watch. Apple’s wearable strategy is clear as they want to offer such smartwatches and wearables that are not only for notification purposes.

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Apple Watch will be a little bundle but of big things as without burdening your wrist. Apple Watch will work with Apple’s new mobile payment system ‘Apple Pay’ with NFC and Apple’s new ‘Secure Element’ for storing payment information embedded within so its likely to work with iPhone 5 and later.

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For now, (with pre-release version) only basic functionality has been demoed. Apple’s messaging is all about the novelty of the feature, which allows users to connect with each other with real time sharing customized animated smileys, hand drawn messages and heartbeats etc. quick replies and notifications surely look appealing.

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Apple has designed the Apple Watch with much care; leather bands are well-made and comfortable whereas there are also sport bands that also depict comfort during use. There will be two variants as Apple announced one for men and other for women with 42mm and 38mm version. But I guess it’s just another option without gender specific designs but it will give users a choice to select from these two. Buttons are also placed correctly whereas the smooth rotating action on digital crown will also make the whole watch more appealing, but also give you more control over the watch interface.

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Undoubtedly, Apple Watch looks appealing and attractive as an innovative SmartWatch and depicts all the hard work of Apple, but some questions should not be ignored as whether people will feel comfortable navigating on-watch small interfaces and also whether it will change the viewpoints of people how they look and feel about SmartWatches.

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