Android Apps Now Available for Chrome OS, Windows, Mac and Linux

Android Apps for Chrome OS Windows Mac and Linux Featured

Android Apps for Chrome OS, Windows, Mac and Linux is now available through this Workaround

Google is not in rush to launch Android apps in Chrome Web Store, currently there are just a few like Evernote and Vine which were recently added to Chrome Web Store for Chrome OS only, for testing purposes i believe. There is no official news on when Google will announce Android apps for Windows, Mac and Linux. But there are people who can’t wait for official releases and wants to try stuff on their own.

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Developer: Vlad Filippov successfully found a way to do that, you can now run Android apps on Windows, Mac as well as Linux machines via Chrome browser. Customized Android Runtime Extension is required to complete this task, extension you need is called ARChon. Chrome OS and Chrome Browser both are supported.

Installing ARChon will replace original extension provided by Google, you might find the extension unstable at some point. So if you don’t want to have customized extension you can always uninstall and install the official version of extension from Google Chrome Web Store. You can get already tested APKs from this Subreddit – Chrom-apk subreddit.

Step by step instruction is available at GitHub for this extension: Using ARChon (GitHub)