Android Apps for Chrome OS: Evernote, Vine and Other Android Apps Now Available

Android Apps for Chrome OS Featured

Android Apps for Chrome OS (First Set)

Google wants its both operating systems – Android and Chrome OS to mingle together seamlessly.  At Google I/O earlier this summer developers hinted us that they will be dropping us few Android apps that will run on Chromebooks, ready to get some Android Apps for Chrome OS.

So as promised and thanks to a project called the App Runtime for Chrome (Beta), we have a first set of Android apps which will run on Chrome OS. These 4 Android apps includes a note taking app Evernote, the children’s reading skills improvement app Sight Words, language learning app Duolingo and the last one is Twitter’s video clip app Vine however Google has announced that they are working on this project and soon will offer us a few more Android apps.

How do you see this initiative step of Google which is likely to diminish the difference between Chrome and Android? Do share your viewpoints with us and also which of your favorite Android app you like to see running on Chromebooks.