How To Add, Manage, & Switch User Accounts On Android Lollipop

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Android Lollipop not only looks good but it’s overfilled with new and exciting features. There is also a new feature just like laptops where we have multiple user accounts, now same can be executed on your Android devices which comes pre-added with Guest account. You can add user accounts as well as switch between them without any hassle. Keep on reading to know how you can create/remove user accounts and switch between them.

How to Add User Account in Android Lollipop:

To add a user account – swipe down and tap the user icon (found on the top right corner) from the notification center. By tapping the user icon takes you to the settings, here tap Profile icon which will show you the panel of added users. If you are accessing it for first time then you will see your account labeled as ‘Owner’ as well as a Guest account. To add a new account Tap ‘Add User’.

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Enter a name of your choice and Tap ‘OK. You will be given the choice whether you want to setup the account now, so if you choose ‘Set Up Now’ you will be able to set the account by adding a Google account, set password, install apps as well as customizing your lock screen and much more.

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How To Switch Accounts in Android Lollipop:

You can switch between the accounts quite in the same way, just like you set up the accounts. Swipe finger from top to bottom which will bring notification center, so here tap the user icon and then pick the account to which you want to switch. In the same way you can return to the Owner account.

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How To Add Apps To User Accounts in Android Lollipop:

It will be feasible to use the apps that have already installed on the main ‘Owner account’ but it’s not the case here, you have to configure a separate Google Account so that you can install the apps from Google Play Store. The plus point here is that if one app is installed on Owner Account and user wants to install the same app, they do not have to download it again but it will be available in their account automatically.

If you want to give permission to a user to make calls – Go to Settings > User > Tap the cog wheel button > Tap Allow phone calls and SMS which will enable that user to make/receive Calls and SMS from that very SIM that’s been in that device.

How To Remove A User Account in Android Lollipop:

If you want to remove a user account – Go to Settings > Users > tap the user that’s you want to remove and in last Tap on Remove User. That’s it! It will remove the user but keep in mind that it will also remove all the data (contacts, photo, almost everything) associated with that user account will also be removed.

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How To Uninstall App For All Users in Android Lollipop:

Uninstalling the app procedure is same as older versions of Android, but now because there are more than one user available, you can uninstall the app by tapping the ‘More’ button (in the top right corner) and here uninstall the app for all users. The other user can install the app if they want so it’s not like blocking an app.

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iOS users must be jealous of this very feature. Android Lollipop users are really appreciating the introduction of User and Guest accounts, because it gives a sense of security to your device and also parents can hand over their device to kids without worrying about anything.