These 5 Photographic Proofs of Bigfoot’s Existence Is Just About Enough to Discourage You from Going into the Woods

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One of the biggest mysteries of all time is the existence of Bigfoot. However, it has become more than just a mystery with little evidence that have surfaced in recent years. In their passionate campaign to determine the creature’s legitimacy, researchers including Idaho State University’s Jeff Meldrum and wildlife biologist John Mionczynski, and a growing body of curious eyewitnesses continue to come across evidence, hoping to prove the secret.

Are you a believer? Here are photographs that some people have allegedly managed to capture of the mystery animal to help you out with your answer to that.

5Kinzua State Park, Pennsylvania (2013)

An experienced outdoorsman was driving when he spotted two Sasquatch peering at him while slowly passing in his car. Quickly, he drew out his camera and took these amazing photos.

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