5 Cool Smart Home Gadgets

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5 Cool Smart Home Gadgets By Tim Smith

It’s 2015, and if you’re like me, you’ve made a resolution to live in a smarter home. That doesn’t mean packing up and moving to a whole new house, though. Check out these five cool gadgets that will make things at your home run so much more smoothly.

Chamberlain MyQ Garage

This new garage door opener doesn’t use the old remotes that can be hard to find in the dark. Instead, all you need to do is tap the screen of your smartphone to open and close the door when needed. This incredible opener can open nearly every major brand of garage door that’s been built over the past 20 years, and it’s priced at around $100. In the coming year, there are plans to add geofencing, which will open and close the door automatically as you get close.

Lockitron Locks

Once you’ve fitted these special locks on your doors and downloaded the app, you’ll never have to worry about leaving your doors unlocked again. All you need to do is check your phone or tablet to see if your doors are locked, and if they aren’t, just tap your screen. You can also unlock your doors if you’re heading home. This system costs $179, but it’s worth not having to look for your house keys again.

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Nest Learning Thermostat

This is called a learning thermostat because it remembers your temperature preferences after just a week of use. The Nest will keep the temperature at exactly what you want when you’re home or away, and you can change the temperature manually or by using your smartphone. Since it knows what temperature to go to, you’ll also save money on your heating bills, so it’s worth the $250 price tag.

Belkin WeMo Smart Slow Cooker

Even kitchen appliances are getting smarter. This new smart slow cooker is the first one that can be controlled by your phone, so you can change the temperature or time from work or anywhere else. You can also check the status of your meal, calculate cooking times and even receive reminders of how long your food will take. This costs roughly $130, and it makes a great addition to your smart home.

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Toro Xtra Smart Soil Moisture Sensor

This sensor will keep your automatic sprinklers from giving too much or too little water to your lawn. It measures the amount of moisture in your soil and can tell your sprinkler system how much water is needed in any given area. It can also turn the system off if there’s plenty of moisture already, which saves both money and energy, and it’s good for the environment too. This sensor costs between $100-120 depending on where you purchase it.

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