2015 Chromebook Pixel 2 Review

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Chromebook Pixel 2 is a kind of laptop at the high end of Google’s Chromebook that come all in pre-installed with the operating system of Chrome. This high-end laptop is made by Google, in which the operating system of Chrome appears. You will surely love the design of this laptop.

Chromebook Pixel 2 features

  • It has HD camera, 2 microphones and above the screen there is a light detector. The 2 microphones of this laptop are made for better cancellation of noise, but there are also tucked that can help avoid the noise once typing will be cut out which is place on the third below the keyboard.
  • The screen of Chromebook Pixel 2 is multi-touch with enough pixels to match the Retina Apple Display.
  • On the interior of this laptop is a 4GB memory, dual-core 1.8GHz Intel Core i5 processor and integrated Intel HD 4000 graphics.
  • On the exterior, it has outside monitors of Mini Display Port, combination jack of headphone-microphone, slot of SD Card and 2 USB 2.0 ports.
  • The life of the battery of this laptop will last for 5 hours with usual usage.

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Why you should buy Chromebook Pixel 2?

  • This kind of laptop is unique, which is not like of a normal laptop that you use to buy and it has the best design that you will surely love. The style of this laptop is like a box with a professional look.
  • The LED lights of this laptop are noticeable on its glows and lids from left-right especially if you close the lid of the Pixel. It will give you a feeling that you are proud because you are using a costly laptop.
  • The track pad and keyboard’s Chiclet-style was elegant that it will give you a feeling that you have bought the right one. The feature of the keyboard of this laptop has backlit that you cannot find on other laptop.
  • It is capable to run some video resolution and the whole hardware is use for the display. You will notice that on other laptop the 1080p video fails to run but Pixel does. It is capable to play some kind of clean, bright, and sharp videos.
  • The operating system of Pixel is designed for the touch interface. When it comes to laptop’s default it has software for editing a photo. The sensitive touch screen of this laptop is really cool because it will respond even if your finger is nanometres apart.
  • The operating system runs smooth and when you are in the process of operation you will never encounter any small lag. This laptop will offer you all the essential apps on your website. You can browse the stuff easier and the UI is extremely good.

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Nowadays there are lots of gadgets made and sometimes you are having a hard time choosing of what is the best to buy. With regards in getting essential tools of computer, storage and apps in the internet is really in demand especially that you are in a modern world. Chromebook Pixel 2 is made by Google to pass the standard of getting the different tools in the internet. In this review you can see that it is the best investment that you should have.

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